Choose the best technology for your
Minecraft server.

The most powerful MC Network/Hypervisor on the market.*

Handle thousands of players, with the most powerful Minecraft hypervisor on the market. Optimize, protect and secure your server with very few configurations but with a lots possibilities.

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Terminal PowerShell with nothing on.Terminal picture with the DreamNetwork console.

No need to code to make a leading server.

With the most advanced Minecraft server management dashboard, with a no-code interface, it's very easy to manage your server. You have the total access of your server, you can install any Minecraft executable (Spigot, Sponge...) or any proxy (BungeeCord, Waterfall...).
Of course, you can make advanced configuration, but it's not necessary.

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Browser picture background DreamNetworkBrowser picture DreamNetwork Dashboard

Make your next Minecraft server with the DreamNetwork Team.

With the DreamNetwork team, delegate all the technical part and focus on the concepts. The DreamNetwork team will be able to carry out your requests in all circumstances, whether it is at the level of the infrastructure, the development of your game modes or the security (against cheaters, DDoS/bot attacks...). With all the experience we have acquired during many projects, we will be able to bring your project to a successful conclusion in the technical part with our custom made software. Many customers already trust us, why not you?

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Photo of some Java codeSecurity
Some disks from a server

Make your server faster and safer across the world.

With the DreamShield, forget about DDoS attacks and other malicious attacks, with the final goal to down your server. The DreamShield provide to you a reliable and secure worldwide network with a large capacity.

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Unified Minecraft Toolkit

🌟 Beta available

The Hypervisor

Optimized, protected and secured while also having the capability to code faster with the DreamNetwork.
Includes also a fully configurable dashboard hosted on the cloud.

Access to the beta

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Make your Minecraft server available all across the world with no latency and a 99,9% SLA.
Our team will set up an adequate protection for your needs with our flexible infrastructure.

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✅️ Available on demand

Tailored Hosting

The ideal hosting for your Minecraft server. First of all, we take into account your expectations to best meet them, and then deploy your infrastructure in the Equinix PA3 datacenter, in the heart of Europe.

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Are you a server owner?

You want to make a large server? With the help of the DreamNetwork team, it's possible! Make an account and let us contact you a quickly to set up your server strategy.

Are you a hosting solutions owner?

Propose to your clients the best Network on the market to improve your sells. With the all in one host solution, setup DreamNetwork available to your customers quickly and easily.

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Optimize, protect and secure
your Minecraft server.

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